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Confused About a UL Label?

May 16th, 2011

Ordering a UL Label and finding the correct material construction can be a bit confusing. MR Label Co., has been in the labeling business for 35+ years and is a UL approved vendor. Thus, we have an abundance of experience when it comes to UL Labels, and we offer a wide range of UL certified constructions including Type R and Type L.

If you have a UL recognized finished product, such as a sump pump or lamp, that product requires a UL recognized label. Manufacturers must find an approved or certified vendor, such as MR Label Co., to print UL recognized labels. Approved vendors are required to use specific ink and material constructions based on their approved UL file numbers for different UL recognized products. [MR Label Co.’s file number is: PGAA.LP1127] The product manufacturer must contact UL in order to obtain UL recognition and approval to us UL certified marks. Not every label requires UL’s certified logos printed on the finished product.

It’s often the purchasing manager’s job to find an approved vendor and order materials. This can be a bit confusing task, if they are unfamiliar with the process. MR Label Co., works with purchasing managers and product design engineers on a regular basis, making the estimating and order process of UL Labels a smooth transaction.

For more information about UL Labels contact, and she would be glad to help you with your UL Label needs. For additional information see the attached pdf.

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