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Why Buy Custom Labels?

October 17th, 2011

Why buy labels from MR Label Co., when I can find them online?

MR Label Co. specializes in custom labels. Sure you can find standard shipping or product labels anywhere online, but how is that helping promote or enhance your business? MR Label Co. can personalize any of your labels or decals to include your brand logos or colors to create brand identity. Do you have lots of similar products but each has a different lot number, voltage, amps, length, etc? In that case we can print thermal transfer “shells” for you. MR Label Co. will take care of printing the static logos or any information that will remain the same on every label, and our you use a thermal transfer printer to print the variable data. This is a very cost effective method for our you because they you get high quality personalized labels, and you don’t have to order multiple versions as expensive rates.

Have you ever had someone walk into your office and tell you the label you bought online for years is not adhering to your product anymore? You might think it was the label supplier's fault that they sold you a bad batch. You might be wrong... If you were working with MR Label Co., we would do the research to figure out why the labels are no longer sticking. Did our customer change the top coat on the product, maybe it is now a powder coated metal? Or maybe the temperature range in which the product encounters during shipping or storage has changed. Your bulk supplier probably cannot help you with any of those problems, but with our extensive material constructions we can make the label just for you!

Sometimes you never know what you are going to get when you buy a stock item online. Here at MR Label Co., we have trusted experts with over 30 years of experience. If we don’t know it we will go the extra mile or do the research to find the right product to fit your application. You don’t get the option to select which base material, or type of adhesive you want on “your” label if you purchase it online. You cannot request an over-laminate be added to your label to give it some extra durability, and a sleeker look. You can’t change the printing colors if it doesn’t fit your brand. MR Label Co., can do all of that for you.

Every order at MR Label Co. is personalized from start to finish. You tell us what you are looking for. Is it an inexpensive paper label to put on corrugated boxes, or a high end domed label for a special product, or simply a magnet for your car? Maybe you are looking for a weatherproof label, that must be able to withstand being submersed in water, or exposed to high amounts of direct sunlight… Yea, we can take care of all of those label and decal needs for you. You can talk directly with our estimators and sales representatives to get samples of different material constructions that might apply for your application. Test them for yourself, and you pick which label works best for your application. You can’t get that from a bulk supplier online.

The next time you are looking for a label, give us a call (1-8888-LABEL CO) or email us (, and we will help get you the right label for you specific application.  Our sales representatives and estimators will make sure you don’t order permanent labels when you really need removable or an indoor label when you truly wanted an outdoor ultra-fade resistant label. And we even make cover up labels if you already made the mistake and ordered the wrong label.