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QR Codes

May 1st, 2012

QR Codes – The new trend!

Even MR Label Co. has jumped on the bandwagon and is attempting to stay up to date with technology. We have recently printed QR codes that direct you to our website on our business cards. We have been printing QR codes on our client’s labels or marketing materials for a long time now. But, some of you might not know what a QR code is and how it can help grow and promote your company.


QR (Quick Response) codes originated in Japan, and are means to transfer data from transitory media to your cell phone or handheld electronic device. You can go online and create your own code in less than ten minutes. Some of the most common uses for codes direct you to pages on websites. The great thing about it, companies can direct you to specific pages on their websites so the most relevant information is literally at your fingertips. That page might have product information, coupons, pricing, ingredients, etc.

QR codes are extremely user friendly. Your customers (or potential customers) simply download an application on their cell phone or handheld device that allows them to scan the QR code (and other barcodes).  It will automatically pull up the webpage, or information associated with that QR code on their cell phone or handheld device.

You might feel a little overwhelmed if you have never heard of QR code labels before, but as you can see just about anyone can integrate it with their company. Even our smaller customers with less than 5 employees are using them. MR Label Co., would gladly help you design a new label that incorporates a QR code. If you already have pre-printed boxes or product in inventory on the floor, we can help design labels to work with your existing product.


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