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May 7th, 2012

EKU  Flexo Label Trail MixMR Label Co., has recently been working with David Dailey from Eastern Kentucky University’s (EKU) Graphic Communications Department. David was given a tour of MR Label Co. by Pat Meehan (President), and then David spent the afternoon observing our pressmen operate presses. David was able to understand the complexities that may arise while on press and gain general knowledge of flexographic printing. He was able to take the information retained, and pass it along to his Graphic Communication Management students.

Last year MR Label Co., generously donated several rolls of raw material to EKU, for their students to use during their flexography classes. We were recently informed that EKU students took part in the Phoenix Challenge College 2012 in San Antonio, TX. Students from schools across the country were asked to create two to four labels using up to 4 spot colors for the competition. The labels must be specifically designed for custom branding of snack food items sold in collegiate convenience stores.

It took the students several months of brainstorming and design before fully executing their ideas. The end result was the “4.0 to Go” brand, which encompasses “Nutty Study” energy bars, “Study-Ade” drink mix, and “Time Crunch” trail mix. It wasn’t an easy process and even required research on FDA regulations for food packaging, but the end result was fulfilling.

MR Label Co. commends the students and David Dailey on their efforts and glad we had the opportunity to help. The university has only had a flexographic press on site for two years, thus being able to compete in the competition is a great accomplishment. We wish the students luck on future challenges!

(See full pdf article by David Dailey at bottom of page)

Eastern Kentucky University’s Program:

David Dailey was given International Graphics Award:

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