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Scratch and Sniff Labels and Marketing

March 3rd, 2011

Scented Labels and Marketing

Companies are looking in all directions for creative ways to reach their customers or potential new customers. Products that appeal to multiple senses (ie: touch, vision, smell etc.) have a better response rate from their customers. For this reason, marketing designers try to design their products’ packages in such a way that visually catch their customer’s attention, and cause some form of interaction. A great way to do this, is with a scratch and sniff label.

MR Label Co., offers its customers labels printed with encapsulated ink in a wide range of scents, ranging from vanilla to coffee, roses to leather, tutti-frutti to peppermint.  This allows MR Label Co.’s customers to design attractive, eye appealing, labels for MR Label Co. to print using vivid colors. MR Label Co. then applies a floodcoat with the encapsulated ink, in the desired scent. Marketers apply the scratch and sniff labels to their packages in hopes of drawing more attention to their products.

Scratch and sniff labels will initially visually stimulate a customer’s senses. Then the customer will be drawn in to touch the package, and physically scratch the encapsulated ink. The aroma given off by the scented label will cause an arousing olfaction. As a result the customer will associate this scent with the product, increasing that product’s brand power. As one can see a scratch and sniff label is attractive for marketers because it causes a customers to physically interact with products, and creates memory associations with the scent. Scratch and sniff labels are not only fun for customers, but are fun for MR Label Co. to produce, as the aromas fill the air in the factory.