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Office Remodel

December 31st, 1969

If you have stopped in our facility in the past few days to pick up your label order, you may have noticed some major construction/changes taking place. We have finally decided to give our facility a nice upgrade. Last week we moved all of our ugly filing cabinets into the shop area. Just that move has made this place look completely different. Right now our tile installers are hammering away, creating a lot of dust and noise. So please excuse the background noise when you call in.

This weekend the painters will be on-site giving us a couple fresh coats to give the office a modern look. Next the carpet installers will be in full swing followed by the office furniture. We are also updating our break area with a fully functional kitchen (stove, dishwasher, microwave, etc). I think it’s unanimous, that the kitchen is the best part of the upgrade. You might not recognize the place with all of the new changes.

We will also be installing a new phone system, and naturally we might make some mistakes when transferring your calls. We hope that you can be patient with all of our changes. In just a short time we will be smooth sailing and back to normal. Once that happens we welcome you to come down and check everything out!

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